We offer intercessory prayer support through teaching and courses to individuals, churches, groups, and organizations:

  • Teaching on Intercession – 
    • What is Intercession
    • What is the purpose of intercession
    • Why is it so important?
  • Introduction to Intercession – The basics
  • Applying Intercession to our daily lives to align ourselves with God  (Cleansing my birthright and releasing my destiny)
  • How to apply Intercessory prayer to my family (Praying through my bloodline)
  • Advanced intercession and spiritual warfare 
    • How to pray for lost loved ones 
    • Praying for my business
    • How to pray for churches, organizations, etc.


Do you have a business, church or organization that needs intercessory prayer? We offer professional intercessory prayer for fee for service. You may need these services if: 

  • Your company experiencing financial problems.
  • Your church cannot keep members no matter how hard you try.
  • Your organization is experiencing set-backs or maybe even a lawsuit.