Being created in God’s image as a triune being, body, soul, and spirit, our soul and spirit often need healing just as our physical body does. The Father’s desire is for us to be made completely whole, body, mind, and spirit, and He fully enabled this through the work of the cross of Jesus Christ. 


We offer the following professional healing services:

Professional counselling services that are confidential through:

  • A professionally Certified Canadian Counsellor (Credentials with the CCPA – Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association).
  • Pastoral/Spiritual counselling services
  • Individual counselling
  • Family counselling 
  • Couples/marriage counselling

Train the trainer Services in the Immanuel Approach Christian Counselling (Psychiatrist Dr. Karl C. Lehman M.D. ) through a professionally trained Christian Counsellor. (Give a link to

  • We will train Christian laymen and counsellors in the Immanuel Approach. 

The Immanuel Approach is a gentle and easy-to-use Christian-based therapy approach to healing past hurts. This modality invites Christ to gently walk through memories with us (connections with God that do not have to be re-traumatizing to the person). 

Deliverance Ministry Services

  • Deliverance ministry is step-by-step Christian counselling that identifies the wounds of our past that might have brought with it strongholds in our lives that are attached to spiritual activity that is undesirable and unwanted. Deliverance using inner healing techniques through Christian counselling brings spiritual victory and freedom from these strongholds by healing the wounds that caused the stronghold to be erected in our lives. By using techniques such as the Immanuel Approach, people are guided to Christ to heal the mind and spirit from past trauma.