On March 11, 1989 at 10:30 pm, Clay had a conversation with God. At this point in his life, he was not sure if God was real or even existed. The conversation went something like: (God), “Why don’t you try it my way considering how it’s been going with your life”. Clay said, “OK I will try it your way”. God’s response was, “I’m not looking for a part-time, short-term commitment here. If you do this, I expect a full time every second of every minute of every hour of every day for the rest of your life commitment”. Without fully understanding the depth of his answer, Clay said yes at 10:30 pm and told God the door to his heart was open for God to enter if He wished. God chose to accept the invitation and the rest is history.

Very soon prophetic words for Clay’s calling started to flow- Prayer warrior, leader, no fear, bringing down enemy strongholds. The Prayer of Jabez was highlighted. Clay was, as a new Christian, moved into deliverance, house cleansing’s, Intercession, and many other aspects of Spiritual warfare.

The Lord took Clay on a path of varied experiences. Communal living, business ownership, and church leadership, both spiritually and administratively, were to be part of his resume. Clay also served in many frontline positions within the communities the Lord took Clay and his family. Throughout Clay’s Christian life the Scripture from James 5:16 followed him. Over the past 33 years, many of the people and places Clay was involved with have experienced their best years or unprecedented growth. The Lord was teaching Clay that His Presence in and through Clay brought prosperity, similar to how the Ark of the Covenant brought blessings to Obed-Edom’s house when it was stored there (2 Sam 6:11-15).

Almost 20 years ago, Clay was in leadership at a church that needed a pastor. This was to be a refining of skills for Clay, but also a place the Lord chose to introduce Rev. Dana McQuade to Clay and the Church in Stettler. Dana and Clay became close friends and with the realization that, as their hearts became closer, so too was their call and destiny. Though very different in personality, they had a very similar desire and call to reach the un-reached and teach what hadn’t often been taught in churches before.

Through different life experiences, intercession became a critical lifeline to moving ahead in their every second of every minute of every hour for the rest of their life’s commitment to each other and to God. Out of this friendship The Lord re-birthed a Ministry Dana started years ago called City Harvest Apostolic Ministries, now (CHAM Global). Clay and his wife Mona joined Dana and his wife Heather in a ministry that has become a lifestyle, a community and a spirit realm altering work for the Lord.  Clay was commissioned as an apostle in 2022 and continues to search out opportunities to seek the Lord in prayer and grow in His understanding of spiritual warfare.  Clay and Mona have two children, one grandchild, and live in Stettler, Alberta, Canada.